First of all I believe in Sherlock, Doctor Who.
I'm waitin' for the day that Mishapocalypse will return. But seriuosly I love reading, drawing, painting and acting. My biggest dream is to become an actress. And some day my I believe it will come true.....
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I don’t believe there is a single person in the world who wouldn’t live in Hobbiton if given the opportunity

When I am older and have a lot of money, this will be my life’s mission. To make a hobbit hole for me to live in.

Hobbit holes are very environmentally conscious! Being partly underground your heating and cooling bills are dramatically reduced. The biggest issue with building your own Hobbit hole is that initial construction costs can be more due to the need to ensure a waterproof outdoor barrier between your home and the the soil and there are some issues with getting enough natural light. Though the light issue can be fixed by orienting your home south (in the northern hemisphere) and installing high performance light bulbs.

Save the world! Live in a Hobbit hole!